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Akashic Records Reading

Do you find yourself constantly holding big life questions in your heart and wondering which path is the right path for you?

Think of me as your sacred librarian. You tell me what you’re looking for and I will browse through the shelves of your internal library of light to provide the answers you seek. 

While in the library, I’m a vessel of automatic downloads that I will share as I feel and see the answers. Depending on the layers of  your questions and what you’d like to explore we may answer multiple queries or do a deep dive into one specific question. 

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Access Your Library of Light

You are going to LOVE your reading!

  • Connect with your internal library of light to answer your deepest questions

  • Align to your highest best most loving timeline

  • Tap into the stargate of your heart 

  • Unlock your potential with guidance from your soul and soul family

Session Outline

  • Intro of what to expect from our session

  • Intention setting and grounding

  • Guided meditation

  • Sacred Q&A inside the library

  • Debrief/processing of insights together & closing 

Details & Logistics

  • $275 - Private one-on-one, 45-min. session with your Sacred Librarian, Lorena

  • Recorded via Zoom with lifetime access available

  • Virtual reading allows you to do this from the comfort of your home

  • Eligible for Akashic Records Insight Integration Sessions (Add-On Option*)

Akashic Records Reading


(*Optional Add-on. Available only to those who have booked an Akashic Record Reading)

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Akashic Records Insight Integration Sessions + 3 session package

Special Price $1,000 USD ($1,100 Value / Savings of $100)

This is where my therapy background and intuitive healing skills kick in as we process what you gathered from your reading, to better integrate and implement this new awareness into your life. Your 3 Integration Sessions may be scheduled consecutively over 3 weeks, or over 3 months, depending on how much integration or time you need in between sessions. Together we’ll process and work with the insights from your reading. These sessions can also be utilized to go back into your Internal Library of Light to ask follow up questions or to address other life areas. 

To book a reading AND the integration sessions, click below! You'll be prompted to book your reading, and then we can schedule your integration sessions afterwards.

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