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Quantum Healing

Do you have a constant sense of fear or anxiety? Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop? What if you didn’t have to hold on to an ever lingering sense of doom around the corner?

Experience a healing that combines Reiki, Quantum, light language, and more!

This is ideal for tapping into your energetic field and releasing any energetic blockages that may be holding you back from your highest expression. We can find and identify specific traumas and target these areas with love, compassion, and profound healing. This type of healing does not require physical touch as we are tapping into something beyond the physical realm. All that is required of you is being present in the moment, and an openness to sharing sacred space. 

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Access Your Library of Light

Give yourself the gift of healing!

  • Balance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies with healing frequencies 

  • Release energies like anxiety, fear and worry and upload more loving light to your whole being

  • Receive nurturing & grounding frequencies from the universal source light 

  • Feel immense supportive love radiating from your guides, ancestors and your family of light

Session Outline

  • Intro of what to expect from our session

  • Intention setting and grounding

  • Guided meditation

  • Distance Healing

  • Debrief/processing of insights together & closing 

Details & Logistics

  • $275 - Private one-on-one, 45-min. session with your Sacred Librarian, Lorena

  • Recorded via Zoom with lifetime access available

  • Virtual healings allows you to do this from the comfort of your home

  • Eligible for Quantum Healing Integration Sessions (Add-On Option - Info below*)

Quantum Healing


(*Optional Add-on. Available only to those who have booked an Quantum Healing)

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Quantum Healing Integration Sessions + 3 session package

Special Price $1,000 USD ($1,100 Value / Savings of $100)

This is where my therapy background and intuitive healing skills kick in as we process what you gathered from your Quantum Healing, to better integrate and implement this new awareness into your life. Your 3 Integration Sessions may be scheduled consecutively over 3 weeks, or over 3 months, depending on how much integration or time you need in between sessions. Together we’ll process and work with the insights from your healing session. These sessions can also be utilized to do more Quantum Healings or to address other life areas. 

To book a Quantum Healing AND the Integration Sessions, click below! You'll be prompted to book your reading, and then we can schedule your integration sessions afterwards.

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