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​Lorena Douglas Presents


-A Journey of Embodiment-

Sunday, July 21st 2024

2:00 pm EST

Recording will be made available

to those who sign up​

Did you know that women expressing themselves through dancing was an ancient practice?

Such a powerful & potent practice that allowed you to use your body as an instrument of emotional alchemy to become a clear channel for your highest expression, growth & expansion  

 An embodiment practice that allows you to strengthen your connection to your energetic womb, the womb of creation, and the collective of goddesses holding timelines of magic and possibility for you in this incarnation

Belly dancer on Sand

Women are meant to fully express themselves through dance & movement

For some women it feels natural to be in their bodies and let go

This is why they visit nightclubs or go to the gym 


Yet for most due to our empathic nature we end up not prioritizing ourselves and putting ourselves last, disconnecting from our bodies and emotions.

For many, truly feeling embodied and sexually confident in our skin seems non existent

It is time for women to remember and fully embody that we have always been connected mind, body and soul & that our emotions are sacred and are meant to be honored.


Naturally we were always meant to fully express our divine feminine essence through movement, to fully magnetize our innate power

A FREE Global Event

where we shall take you on a embodiment journey to connect with versions of yourself that truly embodies your full feminine expression & honor your sacred emotions in your body.

This invitation is offered as a gift because when more women claim back sovereignty for themselves, the collective of women are co-creating a new earth where women are free to be themselves and put their sacredness and creative channels at the service of creating higher realities for themselves, their families, and humanity

For the first time ever I wish to share this powerful embodiment practice publicly as a gift from myself and my mission family of light

And so I wish to invite you to join me

In a Free Channeled Event to receive:

Dancer in Sunset_edited_edited.jpg
  • A beautiful embodiment dance expansion

  • An embodied activation that will help support your trust with your body and soul

  • An initiation to connect to your inner feminine wisdom and divine goddess energy

  • Plus much much more!


Please know this transmission is part of the codex from "Temple Goddess Codex Course" and all the souls in this program shall receive this transmission as part of the pre-work for the full journey, so by joining us you are experiencing my true body of work as if you were in the "Temple Goddess Codex" too.

I'm super excited for this online event!!!

& celebrating those who will be joining the

Temple Goddess Codex Course!

With so much Love, Light and Abundance


P.S. -If You cannot make it live-

register anyways as you will receive free access to the recording.

Yet, do your best to show up live as that is where you

can ask questions and I would love to have your live energy

there to co-create this offering to our world!!!

Enter below to register for 
"Dance & Unleash your Inner Goddess"

A Journey of Embodiment


My name is Lorena Douglas

Embodiment Coach, Sacred Akashic librarian, Quantum Healer & Therapist

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Copyright @ Lorena Douglas - All Rights Reserved 

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