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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is an etheric plane that contains all the information, energies, souls and events that has ever existed in the whole universe.

Every individual has their own soul's library of light that has stored all the lifetimes you have ever lived

You can visualize it as a huge mystical library, you can ask a question and I’ll shall receive an answer from your spiritual guides within the records

The answer can be given to me in a picture, a movie clip, in words or it’s just a clear knowing

The more thorough you are with your question the more information you will receive.

The akashic records is a personal development tool that can help you in providing more clarity in your life's path. However, all of your journey's answers may not be revealed to you all at once as the akashic records will only show you what you are ready to receive at that given moment in time all for your highest of good.

It is important to know when conducting healing within the akashic records it is a lengthy process that may take over several sessions to fully uncover and heal the root of your problem.



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