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Did you know that you have an Internal Library of Light?

We have had many past lifetimes, where we have taken drastically different roles, where we have learned and have grown. All designed for us to become the person we see today. This information is securely kept within us, to access when the time is right. This is known as our internal library of light.

This internal library of light holds all the knowledge and memories across all past lifetimes. It is a resource where you can receive guidance and support. You can receive assistance in understanding your current life situations. You can access it and utilize this information to find meaning and have a deeper understanding. You can receive answers to your most pressing questions.

Being able to access this vast database where you can find out where you were your most courageous self, when you were most empowered or when you were the most intuitive. Can provide you with the greatest insight imaginable to knowing yourself on a deeper level. Who knows you better than you know yourself.



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