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Embodying the energy of FIERCE

I was hesitant in choosing a bold color for my lips, I found myself contemplating whether keeping my lips neutral was a safer road. I have been neutral nearly all of my life. Trying to fit in, not trying to stand out. Not speaking my thoughts in order not to be criticized or ridiculed. Keeping my head down and quiet was a trait that I had mastered. Once in a blue I would allow myself to shine if I was going out to meet friends for drinks or to a party, I would take advantage and get dolled up.

Then why am I finding myself hesitant to pick the lip shade that represents this bold new move that I have made in my life. Over the last few years I have worked really hard to heal myself, to feel more embodied, to live my most authentic life, to speak my truth. I have invested so much in myself to shift into the person you see today. Picking a neutral shade of lip color did not feel aligned with my heart anymore.

Picking a red lip color for my photo shoot was a fierce move, but it felt so right. I am that woman now that can wear this color on her face with a sense of empowerment, embracing my divine feminine and all her beauty. I feel so proud and blessed to have found her and I will allow her to shine bright whenever possible, I will never dim my light again. I have transformed into the goddess I was always supposed to be and will continue to honor and love her everyday.



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