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Self Care is a Must

I have been accustomed to believing that I needed to put everyone else’s needs above my own. When in reality you cannot fill someone else’s cup up, if yours is not filled up first. How can you expect to be your best self for others if you don’t take any time to take care of yourself. This is a lesson that I have learned and making sure that I receive my monthly massages and mani-pedis is a promise I made to myself five years ago.

Back then I was always putting everyone else's needs above my own, I would always buy my children new clothes and shoes and never get myself anything. I would never invest in myself that was never even a thought. I had been wearing the same old purse and clothes that I had purchased years ago. One day I realized that I had forgotten about myself. When was the last time I had done anything for me? How have I let it get this far?

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had shown myself some appreciation, shown myself love.

Self care is showing up for yourself, is telling yourself that you matter too. I needed my children to see that they had a happy mom, who loved herself enough to take care of herself and in doing this I can provide them with life skills that they can take and use for themselves in the future. Loving yourself first and foremost is a true testament of self empowerment, it is the first step I took towards my self healing journey. I remembered that I will always love myself first foremost and I will never once again forget that.



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