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I am a Vibration Magician

When I found out I was a vibration magician, everything finally started to make sense. Up until this time I thought that everyone was like me, able to feel others emotions, highly sensitive and in tune to their senses. However, I realized that I was unalike my friends and family. I always felt like I was different, why couldn’t I relate to others. Why did I feel off when I go into rooms, large crowds, parties and get togethers. Afterwards, I would feel drained, exhausted with a need to take a nap or sleep. I always felt emotions and energy and knew quickly when not to trust and come up with an excuse to leave early. There were most times when I ignored these feelings but always found myself regretting it when I did. There was no real concrete reason just a feeling in my heart and gut that I had to follow my own inner compass.

Tapping into my intuitive senses I realized that I had a 6th sense and I will no longer ignore it. I recognize it and validated it. I see it as my superpower, it is what makes my soul complete. I know that I was placed here in this moment in time to share my healing magic with the world and I cannot wait to helps others tap into their own divine inner magic.



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